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  1. RE/MAX Hustle Agent Marketing

  2. CT DCP revises Property Condition Form 10/1/2019

  3. New Construction Inspections/Escrow Deposits

  4. What is your Elevator Speech?

  5. Offers and Counter Offers

  6. Just Listed Dialogue

  7. Pre-Listing Packet

  8. Increase your commission, Increase your earnings

  9. Good News and How to Calculate Absorption Rate

  10. REVISED Residential Property Condition Disclosure & ZipForms

  11. Property Condition Disclosure Follow Up and Your SP/LP Ratio

  12. When Do Most Listings Come On The Market & Electronic Advertising Compliance

  13. Audio & Video Surveillance & GHAR RE Forms

  14. Probate and Conservator Sales

  15. Multiple Offers & Open House

  16. Escalation Clause

  17. Wellness

  18. Movement Mortgage

  19. Commission Enforcement and Commission Volume Goals for 2020

  20. Convention Highlights 2020

  21. RMX2020

  22. We will get through this

  23. Virtual Happy Hour

  24. Rockstar Update

  25. Sandler Gratitude

  26. Important CTR Updates- Executive Order 7T

  27. Commercial Real Estate- Another Income Bucket

  28. Game Changer

  29. Multiple Offers

  30. My feelings about what is happening in our world today

  31. The Magic of making everyone more OK and Rescue Loans!

  32. First Will Help You Get More Listings With People You Already Know!

  33. Workman Success Systems

  34. How to do a Virtual Open House

  35. Due Diligence and Multiple Offer Bonus

  36. 8 Quick things...I think you're Great...

  37. Kindness

  38. Open Houses, Bonus Clause, Kindness, $3200 Donation

  39. Homes For The Brave : 40,000 steps for 40,000 Homeless Veterans

  40. Resource Guide & Homes for the Brave

  41. New RE/MAX Tools, Training & Technology

  42. The Stress of the Market

  43. Sales Rally, Appraisal Negotiation, EQUITY Analysis

  44. Investor Condo, Selling a lot, Funds need to clear

  45. Be Careful Your Buyer Love Letter Does Not Work Against You

  46. Take Care of Yourself- Healthy Minds

  47. Thank You and Technology Tips

  48. How to send a referral

  49. Are you being as great as you can be

  50. Wear masks, Pre-approvals, Section 8, Sales Rally

  51. Sales Rally, Selling Land, Diary your Conversations, Be Safe

  52. Election, Be the best we can, Be safe!

  53. 4 Reasons Why the Election Won't Dampen the Housing Market

  54. Finish Strong, Increase listings in 2021

  55. Keep Making a Difference: Happy Thanksgiving

  56. Finish the Year Strong, Difference Makers

  57. Today's  New World, Set Proper Expectations

  58. Workman Success Systems

  59. Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Be Safe

  60. The Last Segment for 2020 and Happy New Year 2021!

  61. Is your Head and Your Heart Ready for Great Success in 2021

  62. How to send a referral

  63. Lead, Scammers, Be Diligent For Your Landlord

  64. Be A Market Expert!

  65. Making Your Calls, Multiple Offers, Taking Control

  66. 8 Points to Remember to Win the Business

  67. Friday Edition, Market Knowledge Rules & Workman Success Link (click here to download slides)

  68. Be an Expert and Are your Heart and Head Ready for Great Success in 2021!

  69. Tenant Tracks

  70. Should Buyers Purchase Now or Wait

  71. Frustrated or Off to a Great Start: 10 Things to Help Make the Year Great

  72. How I Overcome Setbacks

  73. Email Signatures and The 2021 Agent Resource Guide (click here for Resource Guide)

  74. CTR Guidance, Jim Adams (4) weeks to close, Market Insights/Winning Deals

  75. State of CT License Renewal

  76. Is the Housing Market Going to Crash 

  77. Your Belief System is Incredibly Important

  78. The Power of Overcoming Your Fears

  79. Health Insurance

  80. Our Intranet Site & Children's Miracle Network

  81. The Power of Focus, Have a wonderful holiday weekend.

  82. The Power of Time - We all get the same 24 hours

  83. One More- A Difference Maker 

  84. The Power of Gratitude and Becoming Thankful

  85. Is the year half gone or is there a half year left?

  86. Softball Tournament to Benefit CMN & Keeping the Most Important Things the Most Important                

  87. Some Things to Ponder, Some Success Thoughts

  88. Five Things to Ponder for All of Us 

  89. Multiple Offers and W-I-N

  90. The Power of Creating Raving Fans

  91. What do you really want in your life?

  92. The Power of a Thank you, Kindness and Gratitude

  93. Overwhelmed , What one or two things will change your day

  94. Technology, RU, Megaphone, Tech FB Group

  95. Are you Creating a Memorable experience, mark your calendars for Wednesday at 10am, RE/MAX LLC, Sr VP, Abbey Lee Your marketing dollars at work

  96. Our Attitude is a Game Changer

  97. What's your Success Plan?

  98. You are a Gift

  99. Gratitude for our Veteran's Every Day

  100. Thanksgiving Gratitude and Always

  101. Be Cautious, Holiday Stress, Focus on What You Want

  102. Power of Knowledge, Change for the Better, Value , 11G - Life Beyond 10

  103. Guess who is in Quarantine and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

  104. Jeff and COVID, Calendar changes, Reflect and Visualize

  105. Kick Off Sales Rally Update and Win the Year in 2022

  106. Difference Makers 2022

  107. Business and Company Goals for 2022

  108. Technology Guide

  109. How do you want to be known?

  110. The major key to your better future is?

  111. Let's Be Like a 90 foot Bamboo Tree

  112. Accepted offers - Clear communication with sellers and buyers agents

  113. Letters to help create business

  114. Secure the listing Day One and use the appropriate MLS paperwork

    1. •MLS Grid

  115. Two things that are critical today: W-I- N ( Doing What’s Important Now) and Believing You Can Have Great Success

  116. RE/MAX outperforms the competition once again and every year since 1999!  CTR/GHAR contract changes

    1. •PowerPoint

  117. •RE/MAX vs The Industry

    1. •Agent Productivity Graph

  118. Some thoughts from Jeff on April 15th

  119. Technology Planner

    1. •Copy of Planner 

  120. What is your own brand ? How do you want to be known?

  121. Our In-house Transaction Coordinator Program

  122. Providing great value is a big difference maker

  123. Memorial Day Weekend Message

  124. Win the Day

  125. Success Steps in a Shifting Market

  126. Some of the July calendar activities to help you win in this market



  129. Let's all make a difference for the kids

  130.  It's Possible - I believe in You

  131.  I Can, We Can

  132. Important kvCore update

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