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Success Training Voice Recordings

2018 Success Training Calls
1. February 5, 2018
2. March 13, 2018
3. Expired - March 20, 2018
4. Part 1 of 3 - April 3, 2018
5. Part 2 of 3 - April 3, 2018
6. Part 3 of 3 - April 3, 2018
7. April 24, 2018
8. FSBO - Part 1 of 2  - May 1, 2018
9. FSBO - Part 2 of 2 - May 1, 2018
10. May 24, 2018
11. Pricing -June 5, 2018 
12. Marketing - June 26,2018
13. July 24, 2018
14. July 31, 2018
15. August 14, 2018
1. Matt Nuzie: August 9, 2017
Things you wish you knew when you started your career, things you would do differently, and things that you think are important for new-to-the business agents to know.
2. Basil Amso: August 16, 2017 

        a.  What are the most important things you think a new to the business agent should be

             doing every day?  From Basil, "Checking hot sheets, prospecting, time  blocking, expireds,


        b.  What should they know about selling foreclosures and HUD properties?

        c.  All of the agents will be selling multi-family properties—What should they know about section 8, and what do you do to

             make sure the tenants are qualified in general?

3. Scott Wright—Pre-listing conversation with potential sellers. August 9, 2017 

4. Success Training Sesssion: August 16, 2017

       a. Multiple Offers (0-6:59)

        b. Hubbard Clause (7-10) 

        c. Property Condition Disclosure (10:01-13:47) 


5. Success Training Session: September 8, 2017—Part 1

        a. Pricing—A Fine Line (0-8:00) 

         b. Understanding the list to sales price ratio when making an offer or negotiating (8:01-13:19)

         c. Calling the listing agent before submitting an offer, and trying to bond with the agent (13:20-14:51)

6. Success Training Session: October 24, 2017

         a. Foreclosure sales and timing (0-3:20)

         b. Buyer agency contract and follow up (3:21-5:09)

         c. Commission reduction scenarios (5:10-7:49)

         d. Listing is not on MLS, Listing agent is not a member of MLS, How can  my commission be   

             protected (7:50-16:30) 

         e. Writing offers - things you should do as the buyer's agent (16:31-29:13)

         f. What things can the seller control (29:14-39:25)

         g. Key components that determine the value of the property (39:26-45:01)

         h. Who determines value (45:02-46:59)

         i. How important is the layout of the home (47-48:09)

         j. What home styles take the longest to sell (48:10-48:24)

         k. (48:25-50:47) What style of home sells the best (48:25-50:47)


7. Success Training Session: November 1, 2017

            a. Agent update (0-1:27)

            b. Buyer's Attorney is a NY Attorney - Most times it would be best if they used a local attorney - An example of what you can

            say to the buyer (1:28-3:39)

            c. Agent update - 1st expired listing, Arlene, Lauren licensed today (3:40-6:40)

                        i. 5% vs 6% Commission

                        ii. Expired script 

                        iii. What the Seller Can Control: The Agent that represents them, the Price,  the Condition, the Commission, the Sign,

                             the Lockbox

            e. Things the seller cannot control in the sale of their home (13-17:24)

                        i. The economy 

                        ii. What other properties sell for

                        iii. Natural Disasters - Hurricane Sandy, 9/11

            f. Identify pain (17:25-18:21)

                        i. How are you going to feel if you lose the house over $2,500?

            g. The listing agent does not have to tell you other offers have come in (18:22-19:19)

            h. The goal is to list a minimum of 12 properties a year that sell (19:20-21:45)

            i. Upfront contract conversation with the seller (21:46-27:29)

            j. Are there any improvements you could have made to make your house perfect (27:30-28:59)

            k. Importance of your tone and nonverbal interaction (29-30:09) 

            l. You do not want to focus on the price of the house until you are ready and have gone thru the house, etc. (30:10-31:24)

            m. C-PERSONALITY TYPE: Engineer, Financial Services, Accountants (31:25-33:09)

            n. Couples with different personality types (33:10-36:49) 

                        i. How do you handle? —Engage them both

                        ii. Start with kindness, continue with kindness, end with kindness

            o. Value Propositions: Reasons for them to hire you (36:50-41:04)

                        i. 3 Reasons: The RE/MAX BRAND, RE/MAX Right Choice, You Personally 

            p. (41:05-49:39) 

                        i. Goals: Highest price sale the market will allow

                        ii. Level of trust

                        iii. Seamless communication—determine their preference: phone, email, or text

                        iv. I want you to feel great you hired me

                        v. Refer me — Use me

                        vi. Two most important things to get the house sold:

                                    a. Market knowledge—Monitor it

                                    b. One of my greatest strengths is my ability to negotiate and get a deal done

                         vii. RE/MAX and RE/MAX Right Choice—What makes us different

                                    a. # 1 real estate brand in the world ... 100 countries

                                    b. # 1 in North America every year since 1999 

                                    c. RE/MAX Right Choice has been a top area firm for 30 years and nationally ranked for the production of our


                                    d. 98% of our agents are full-time agents

                                    e. At RE/MAX Right Choice every call that comes in on your property, or every lead from the internet goes to me,

                                          your listing agent, because I am the one who knows your property best and I am the one you hired.  At almost

                                          every other firm the ‘floor time’ agent handles the call, or the lead, and in many cases they have never seen

                                           your property and certainly do not have the in-depth knowledge of your property that I do

            q. The commission difference in earnings to you (49:40-54:03)

                        i. $10M x 3% = $300k or $10M x 2.5% = $250k

                                    a. That is a $50k difference

8. a.  Absorption rates to help determine pricing and market activity  (0:25-21:34)

     b.  Seller had an appraisal done previously & that value is higher than your CMA shows (21:35-30)

     c.  Seller said, "You are telling me we paid $789k and put $200k worth of improvements and the house is only worth $789k

          today.” (30:01-38:05)

    d.  I explain what happened to the market and how to talk to the seller-Hugs, empathize,etc. Seller asks you, "What price would

          you put their house on the market if it was your house.”    (38:05-43:14)

    e.  Another example of the CT market challenge with a seller—why a lack of activity and price reductions (43:15-45:15)

    f.   Seller says, “I have to get a certain price because I had to replace my septic and furnace."  Value is not determined by the

          money a seller has to invest in repairs and improvements or the purchase price they paid (45:16-49:13)

    g.  How does an interest rate increase affect the market (49:14-50:45)

    h.  Regression/Progression (50:46-53:34) 

9. Success Training Session - December 20, 2017 

           Scripts for Success - Luck Favors The Prepared and Win The Listing

10. Multi Family Calculating Cash on Cash investor returns 

    a.  Multi Family Worksheet - Calculating Cash on Cash investor returns 

    b. Rental  Property Cash Flow Analysis Form

16. October 11, 2018
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