HUD Instructions


1. How To First Register With HUD

   Go to

*Click on the upper right hand side where it says Bidder and register yourself as Selling Agent and use R/MXRG5679 as NAID ID.  All correspondence will now go directly to you.

Selling Agents are required to register with this site before submitting bids on behalf of their HUD-registered Selling Broker.

HUD will attach a Broker Authorization form when your Bid is accepted. You can have the Admin/Broker fill it out and then you can sign ALL of your HUD        contracts yourself.

NAID Number: R/MXRG5679  
Tax ID 06-1495679

2. Instructions For Submitting A HUD Bid 

The following steps must be completed in order for a Selling Broker/Agent to place a bid on a HUD Home

Click Here For Instructions