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HUD Bids

Gail Smith, the Administrator for the Milford office, handles HUD bids on behalf of our Brokerage.
Her email is

An Admin will register your HUD Account under the Brokerage NAID # (R/MXRG5679)

***You will receive an email link, see below.  This email link is good for only 24 hours.


Screenshot 2024-02-06 161021.png

Please follow the directions below to complete your registration:

There will be a choice- create a Yardi One account or sign in to Yardi one, please choose create

HUD will send another email for you to create Password.

Sign in and set up a 2-step verification code by text



  1. Website:

  2. Search homes

  3. Place bid.

Your Agent info will be added on 4th page of your bid.

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