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HUD Bids


Gail Smith, the Administrator for the Milford office, handles HUD bids on behalf of our Brokerage. Her email is


Below are the instructions for registering a HUD Bid. If you haven't done so already, you should sign up for an account under our RE/MAX Right Choice company NAID number- R/MXRG5679.


The following steps must be completed in order for an agent to place a bid on a HUD Home:


  1. Go to

  2. Click on the upper right-hand corner where it says Bidder.

  3. Register with our company NAID number and YOUR individual license number.


    4. When submitting your bid you must put the Attorney as the Closing Agent, and the Earnest Money Deposit must be made out to the Attorney.

If the bid you submitted is the winning bid, HUD then sends an email with a Broker Authorization form to Gail Smith (Admin) on behalf of Jeff Wright. You will be copied on HUD email.

Once the Broker Authorization Form is signed and sent back to you, you can upload it (directions in HUD email) and begin signing as the selling Agent.

Click Here for Full Bidding Instructions

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