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HUD Bids

Gail Smith, the Administrator for the Milford office, handles HUD bids on behalf of our Brokerage. Her email is

Below are the instructions for registering a HUD Bid. If you haven't done so already, you should sign up for an account under our RE/MAX Right Choice company NAID number- R/MXRG5679.

The following steps must be completed in order for an agent to place a bid on a HUD Home:

1.Go to

2. Click on the upper right-hand corner where it says Bidder.

3. Register with our company NAID number, R/MXRG5679. and YOUR individual license number.

When submitting a bid

SIGNER INFORMATION -The Agent can update the signer name and email entered during bid submission.

** update your own name and email for signing documents

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