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Children's Miracle Network Honor Cards


Effective January 1, 2022, the minimum donation amount for a Children’s Miracle Network Honor Card is increasing from $25 to $30. This increase coincides with the 30th Anniversary of the Children’s Miracle Network’s relationship with RE/MAX.


As a part of this change, Children’s Miracle Network has updated their policy on the creation of honor cards requiring payment at the time of card creation. The requiring of payment at time of card creation will be active on February 1, 2022. This specific change materially effects how RE/MAX Right Choice collects and distributes money for honor cards.


To streamline this new process, we have updated our Commission Deposit Records (CDRs) to reflect multiple donation options.


  • Option 1 is a general donation. It is labeled “CMN General.” Any amount marked on this line will go to Children Miracle Network’s general donation fund.


  • Option 2 is an honor card donation. If this option is checked, we will have an office administrator contact you so that they can create the honor card for you on behalf of your client. Honor cards will be created in a batch once per month.



*Please note that the minimum donation for an honor card is $30. There is no maximum. Should you care to create an honor card for an amount in excess of $30, you will need to make note of that in the “Notes” section of the CDR so that it is processed properly.


**If you prefer to create honor cards on your own, please contact Jeffrey or Sue asap so they can discuss with you how to do this moving forward.

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